Tallahassee Spa Ads The Massage Center Program

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The expanding massage therapy chain, known throughout Florida as The Massage Center, has teamed up with the ReNu U Medical Spa to offer their program to the Tallahassee market. The spa’s owner, Kathie Brown, who also manages the location, has over 35 years of experience in the field. Mrs. Brown feels that bringing The Massage Center’s program to her facility will help to deliver a sophisticated offering of services to clients looking for the best of breed providers.

The Massage Center – Tallahassee will immediately begin offering fourteen unique treatments, including traditional massage therapy modalities such as deep tissue, Swedish, pregnancy and hot stone therapy. One of the center’s more unique treatments include the “Cranium Euphoria” which offers a full body massage with extra attention for the scalp and face.

Tallahassee residents can also opt for the “Keep Your Clothes On” treatment, or the “Senior Moments” massage, designed specifically for senior citizens.  Massage therapy can help tremendously in alleviating the effects of the aging process, bringing improved circulation and nourishment to the fascia tissue, which connect muscles and organs.

For clients seeking a purely therapeutic treatment, the center’s “Medical Massage” can work to increase range of motion and reduce pain. Clients who are in need of manual lymphatic drainage can request the “MLD” treatment.  The Massage Center – Tallahassee is going all out to offer clients quite a diverse selection of treatments.

For those seeking a day of pampering, the “Rainy Day” massage can help. The treatment involves the therapist dripping a diverse selection of therapeutic essential oils onto the back, then massaging the oils into the spine. The effects can last for weeks after the treatment.

The ReNu U Medical Spa offers a range of anti-aging treatments to help boost collagen production, and fight off the effects of time. Many treatments are under thirty minutes to one hour and involve a non-invasive, pleasant massage type treatment. The state of the art spa prides itself in offering pain-free, drug free services that are wellness oriented and rich in long term benefits. Adding The Massage Center program fits into the spa’s overall philosophy and goals.

The Massage Center is continuing to grow throughout the state of Florida in order to offer a diverse selection of massage therapy treatments. Each location is independently owned and operated, therefore pricing may vary per location. Massage establishments looking to adopt The Massage Center program can find information at www.freemassagecenter.com/licensing/

For information about scheduling a massage, The Massage Center – Tallahassee can be reached at 850-254-8965 or visiting 2236 Capital Circle NE, Suite 105. Tallahassee, FL 32308. For details about each treatment, visit www.freemassagecenter.com