Spring Inspires Sports Massage in Lakeland

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What does sports massage have to do with springtime in Lakeland? As spring arrives and summer peaks around the corner, many people begin to notice their waistline in anticipation of a warm weather wardrobe. The mirror’s reflection tends to inspire some of us to aim for a leaner, slimmer body. Many seek personal, private satisfaction, while others are determined to look stunning at weekend cookouts, pool parties or beach visits.

A great way to lose weight and stay fit is to engage in a regular exercise routine. Workouts can result in sore muscles which may be eased back into comfort with a sports massage by an experienced massage therapist. The Massage Center – Lakeland offers the “Athletic Choice” treatment that is designed for sporty types of every level.

If exercise is good for you, why is it so hard to start? Why does it sometimes result in such discomfort? Pushing muscles beyond what they have become used to is one of the toughest steps to overcome when beginning a routine. The body does not simply build up muscles upon request.

First, you need to break your muscles down, then the body will react and build them up stronger. This breakdown phase tends to leave lactic acid in the muscles, as well as waste used by the muscles to perform the exercise.

One great feature of working out is that the body will “listen,” and adapt to the new physical demands that have been placed upon it. The “Athletic Choice” is a treatment that can provide an easier transition through this state.

During the treatment, a massage therapist performs a full body massage while focusing on the specific muscles, tendons and joints that a client is experiencing pain, stiffness, or soreness. Benefits from sports massage include improved blood flow, increased tissue elasticity, and an efficient clearing of the harmful metabolic byproducts that can occur as a result of exercise.

Those who have experienced the “Athletic Choice” treatment at The Massage Center tend to notice a greater ease in movement after having their stiff muscles stretched and kneaded by a professional massage therapist. Other benefits include feelings of invigoration and rejuvenation.

The emotional benefits of the treatment are not always mentioned in articles but are important to the healing process. Having a professional therapist work through muscle tension and help to flush the body of toxins for an hour can improve just about anyone’s mood.

One of the biggest misconceptions about sports massage is that a person must be a true athlete in order to appreciate the benefits. It is well known that professional sports players often receive a sports massage after a workout, but that  does not mean you can’t as well.  Everyone can enjoy the “Athletic Choice” treatment, including those who are beginning a basic exercise routine after years of having a sedentary lifestyle.

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