The Massage Center – Sarasota Offering JADÚ® Pain Relief

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Billions of dollars are spent every year in an effort to relieve body pain. Countless numbers of books have been written on the subject. Strangely enough, there are more people seeking help for pain now than ever before. Why have we not been able to find adequate solutions for pain?  Perhaps it’s because we have been looking in the wrong places.

The Massage Center – Sarasota is addressing the subject of pain for many of their clients, and has made great strides in the field. The center’s manager, licensed massage therapist Toddy Jadoo has over fifteen years of experience and a passionate client following. She instinctively created JADÚ®, a revolutionary, non-invasive pain relief protocol that restrains the progression of symptoms and can reverse damage to the body’s organs and systems.

So how does it work? The premise is based on an often over used phrase that the “body can heal itself,” but with the right direction. There are six bodily functions: breathing, drinking, eating, moving, eliminating and resting. If any of these functions are not operating at their optimal level, the body will show symptoms of unease or disease.

The various systems within the body communicate internally through the use of chemicals. When one of these six functions is needed by the body, the nervous system initiates chemical  transmissions. These chemicals originate from three elements; air, water and food.

The three elements can be used by the body to create which ever chemicals it might need to move, eliminate and rest. Movement is crucial for all other functions to take place. The human body needs to move not only externally but also viscerally (internal organs and systems). Some movements are voluntary as we choose to do them, while others are involuntary such as the digestive process.

The JADÚ® protocol addresses the fundamentals of human functions, utilizing manual therapy performed by a specifically trained, skilled therapist who applies a M.O.V.E.M.E.N.T® alignment protocol.  The protocol restores symmetry and stability to the three systems used primarily for movement: i.e. skeletal, muscular and nervous systems. When these systems are corrected the other functions automatically correct. This allows for restoration to biorhythms and functional movements.

What are others saying about JADÚ®?  The results are clear and clients have submitted numerous appreciation letters to the center.

“I can see a change in my structure immediately after my first JADÚ® treatment” Janet R.

“My pain went away and has not been back and it’s been 13 years since my first treatment” Richard F.

“I was taking morphine as my pain was so bad until my second JADÚ® treatment” Chris S.


To address pain and schedule a JADÚ® treatment at The Massage Center – Sarasota call (941) 548-2531. Visit online at  The center is located at 2831 Ringling Blvd, Suite 213 D, Sarasota, FL 34237.