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The Massage Center – Tampa

is an ideal place to relax and unwind. Situated just minutes from downtown Tampa, the center is inside a beautifully restored Victorian style historic building with just under one hundred years of history.

The Massage Center – Tampa delivers fourteen different treatments, of which the pregnancy treatment is one of the more popular modalities.

Baby On Board

Pregnancy is a very transitional time, not only for a pregnant woman, but for her entire family and network of friends as well. There are times when being pregnant can be incredibly euphoric, and then there are the uncomfortable moments. Changes in the body can produce swelling, aches, mood swings, pains and stress.  The Massage Center – Central Tampa has a “Baby On Board” massage treatment that can help to ease pregnancy and the postpartum stage. This treatment benefits the recipient tremendously and might have a residual benefit to her circle of friends and family.

Massage is an excellent way for an expecting woman to reduce lower back muscle tension, and improve overall circulation. For obvious reasons, the “Baby On Board” full body massage involves unique positioning. The treatment is performed with the client comfortably lying on her side, with plenty of pillows for support.

Prenatal massage is a modality that is performed after the client reaches her second trimester.  A massage therapist who has been trained to perform this modality is aware of which points on the body are likely to be sore as well as what techniques to use to alleviate the discomfort.  Each client may also have her own specific relief needs met.

Pre-natal massage therapy

Pregnancy Massage at The Massage Center – Central Tampa

Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

Benefits of prenatal massage include a direct physiological response of relaxation.  Reducing the flow of stress hormones through both the mother’s and the baby’s body are immediate results.  Looking forward to the birth of a baby can bring up feelings of excitement and anxiety, sometimes all at once. During a massage, the stress hormones cortisol and norepinephrine are decreased while serotonin and dopamine, the hormones that make a person feel good, are increased.

Swelling in the hands, feet and ankles are common symptoms of pregnancy that a massage therapist can alleviate by helping to gently increase circulation throughout the body.  A skilled therapist may help to reduce the physical stress and pain that may be caused by the body’s natural changes.

A pregnant woman’s body is carrying extra weight, particularly in the lower back and shoulders.  During a massage, the body’s natural pain killers known as endorphins are released and able to flow through the body freely.  Women who have experienced the “Baby On Board” treatment notice that they sleep better and more soundly after having this full body massage – at least for the first week following the treatment.  Sleep is one important luxury to enjoy as much as possible during the prenatal period.

After the baby is born, a massage can provide relief to the mother, from the adjustments the body experiences through postpartum.

There are a number of very talented licensed massage therapists at The Massage Center – Tampa.  The center boasts over thirty five years of collective experience using different massage modalities to improve the health and wellness of their clients.  The center is located at 400 E Palm Ave, Tampa, FL 33602, inside the historic building of the Holistic Health Haven, one of Tampa’s premier wellness centers. The center also offers Yoga and facials.

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Looking for a  phenomenal massage in Tampa but our  Tampa location is not close to you? Visit Google and type in massage Tampa, view the map to the right showing The Massage Center and let Google figure out which location is closest. Or just click on our locations page and find a facility close to you. Then simply enjoy one of our fourteen treatments.