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Interested in a professional massage therapy treatment in St Augustine? The “Keep Your Clothes On” treatment brings a time tested modality to the neighborhood.


In Japanese, Shiatsu literally means “finger pressure,” which is exactly what clients of The Massage Center in St Augustine receive when they opt for the “Keep Your Clothes On treatment.”  Similar to acupuncture, but without the needles, Shiatsu is based upon the belief that a holistic approach to health and well-being can be achieved by manipulating and optimizing the natural flow of energy through the body.

Massage St Augustine

Shiatsu – Massage St Augustine

This energy is known as the “qi” (pronounced chee). The practice of directing qi is common in Japan but actually originates from neighboring China. Shiatsu practitioners throughout the world hold the belief that by consistently applying finger pressure, they can help to restore and often times heal the body’s qi.

When studying the procedure scientifically, the cause and effect of the “Keep Your Clothes On” treatment can be attributed to the consistent calming of an overactive sympathetic nervous system. The actions involved directly result in improved circulation, relieved muscle stiffness, and a reduced stress level.  The pressure from the massage may feel more localized because unlike other massage techniques, the fingertip pads are primarily used to apply the force, rather than the entire palm.

Specific pressure points in the body can be targeted to relax a client, often times creating the impression that there is very little force being applied. Rhythmic moving sensations are felt, which may grow more and more comfortable and natural as the treatment continues.

Massage St Augustine

Keep Your Clothes On Massage Treatment

Unlike other massage treatments, the “Keep Your Clothes On” does not require the use of liquids or oils. Many clients wear a t-shirt and sweat pants, or even shorts. The client is asked to wear comfortable clothing to facilitate ease of treatment.

In addition to the finger-point treatment, The Massage Center – St Augustine  offers thirteen other unique treatments that leave clients feeling relaxed and stress free.

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Need a massage, but our location is not close to home? Visit Google and type in massage St Augustine then view the map to the right. We have locations throughout the great state of Florida. Also, see our locations page for a list of facilities.