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The fortunate among us have discovered that there are very few experiences more relaxing than a professional full body massage therapy treatment. Modest or shy individuals might not be completely comfortable with the thought of removing clothing in order to receive a massage treatment.  Fortunately, there is an option for people who prefer to stay covered.  The Massage Center – New Tampa / Wesley Chapel offers a full body massage therapy treatment known as the “Keep Your Clothes On.”

This particular treatment allows a client to remain fully clothed in loose fitting attire, possibly a t-shirt and shorts, pajamas or work-out clothes.  This full body massage is among the fourteen unique treatments that are offered at The Massage Center – Apollo Beach.  Each treatment offers a specific technique, showing that The Massage Center offers something for just about everyone.

Shiatsu, the modality used during the treatment, is a massage modality that originated in Japan, but was influenced by traditional Chinese medicine.  Translated directly from Japanese, the word Shiatsu means “finger pressure.” During the treatment, a massage therapist uses his or her palms and fingertips to perform stretching, compression, and to apply gentle pressure to whichever parts of the body need attention.

No oil is used during this type of massage, allowing clients to wear as much of their clothing as they prefer.  Loose, comfortable apparel such as t-shirts, sweat pants, or shorts, are popular choices.

There are no needles used during this treatment, but it has been compared to acupuncture, which shares many principles in common with Shiatsu. Both types of alternative health care treatments share the basic concept that the body has a vital energy called Qi (which is pronounced “chee”).

Qi flows through the body across specific pathways called meridians.  When a person has abundant Qi, the flow is unobstructed and the body is healthy.  However, when Qi is unbalanced or deficient, it can lead to health issues such as headaches, colds, body aches, muscular pain, and even digestive problems.  During a Shiatsu massage, the primary focus is to help restore a balance of Qi so that the body can heal and regain good health.

Benefits that come from a Shiatsu massage are many, and can vary depending upon the needs of each individual. During and after the treatment, clients might feel euphoric and rejuvenated.  Other benefits include a release of tension and a sense of calmness.  Medical therapy side effects, migraines, PMS symptoms, and digestive problems can also be eased through this massage modality.

Every location of The Massage Center is independently owned and operated, so prices might vary from one to another. Would you like to convert your massage establishment into The Massage Center?  Are you considering the idea of investing in a center to be created near your home or office?  Information about how to make that happen can be found at www.freemassagecenter/licensing .