Massage Brandon

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322 S. Falkenburg Rd.
Tampa, FL 33619

License #: MM 20238

(813) 434-4652
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Massage Brandon

Subtle health issues that trouble us from day to day can add up and play a role in our long term health. Mental stress is often thought of as only an emotional or mental issue. Contrary to common knowledge, however, mental stress results in a direct effect to the physical body.

Keep in mind what Isaac Newton proved; for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. It is easy for us to ignore just how much mental stress causes physical tension. Headaches, tiredness and soreness are often a request by the body for physical relief.

Sore muscles all over the body, and especially in the neck, head, shoulders and throughout the back can be a direct result of mental/emotional stress. Don’t ignore the body’s request for relief! There might even be times when it helps to employ the efforts of others in order to appropriately alleviate the physical manifestations of stress.

The Massage Center – Brandon offers a wonderful treatment to address this situation. The “Melt My Muscles” massage involves a full body deep tissue treatment. A skilled, licensed massage therapist can work diligently to relieve stiff and sore muscles and return them to their natural, relaxed, state.

This treatment is designed to loosen up tense muscles by “creating space” between the muscles and connective tissues. The muscles and connective tissues are often “glued together” from overuse, dehydration and less than ideal nutrition.


A professionally licensed massage therapist can work on a client’s specific needs in order to help separate the muscle from the connective tissues of the body in order to help return the tissues to a supple, fluid, condition.
Clients who have had the “Melt My Muscles” massage find that their tight and uncomfortable muscles melt into flexibility and softness. The massage is a great method for releasing tension to prepare the body for more inevitable stress.

The thought of a deep tissue massage sometimes creates the wrong impression, as some feel that this treatment involves a painful massage. This is a misconception, though, as a skilled massage therapist can perform a deep tissue massage without creating a lot of pain. The treatment does involve the manipulation of deeper muscle layers and soft tissues than that of a regular massage. In order to access those deeper levers gradually, the massage therapist will “melt” muscles by warming up the top layer of tissue before delving deeper. The increased circulation from the initial massage helps to relieve tension, before moving to the deeper layers.

Many benefits can be experienced as the result of a deep tissue massage. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, this massage technique is more effective at treating chronic pain than many conventional remedies. It is more affordable as well.

So what actually happens inside the body during the treatment? Blood flow is increased which helps to reduce the kinds of inflammation that cause pain. Chronic pain often causes tense muscles, a side effect that can be alleviated when a massage therapist loosens up tight clusters of tissue and muscle.

Massage Brandon, FL

Massage Brandon, FL

Injured muscles that require rehabilitation can also benefit from the “Melt My Muscles” massage. The treatment facilitates the movement of toxins from the body. Pain is alleviated as injured muscles are cleaned of toxins, separated from connective tissue and physically loosened up by the massage therapist.

The Massage Center – Brandon is one of many locations in this growing massage chain. Massage therapists at each location are skilled at helping clients to release pain and find relaxation, using fourteen unique massage therapy treatments.

Each location of The Massage Center is independently owned and operated, and prices might vary a bit from one to another. Interested in learning how to convert a massage establishment into The Massage Center? Information can be found at www.freemassagecenter/licensing/ . Investors who are interested in potentially creating a brand new location of The Massage Center are urged to send an email to

The Massage Center – Brandon can be reached at 813-434-4652. The facility is located at 322 S. Falkenburg Rd. Tampa, FL 33619. License # MM 20238.


Seeking a massage but our Brandon location is too far from home? Visit Google and search massage Brandon then view the map to the right, or visit our locations page for a selection of facilities throughout the great state of Florida.