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Is massage a necessity or a luxury?

If you were to ask ten people if they felt that brushing their teeth on a consistent basis was important, most people would say yes. Ask if a shower is a necessity or luxury and hopefully your friends and family feel the same way. What about massage, is that needed for proper maintenance, or is it a luxury?  You’ll probably hear a variety of answers.  Now if you ask a professional athlete if they feel that professional body work such as a massage is just as important as brushing their teeth or taking a shower, you would hear a resounding yes. Let’s take a close look at the similarities between the daily activities of pro athletes and non-athletes. Why is it that non-athletes don’t feel the same way about massage?

An office worker typing emails every hour of the day endures just as much repetitive action as a baseball player. A restaurant server takes just as many if not more steps than a professional football player. A manager at a retail store experiences physical and emotional stress that is significantly increased during the holidays.  Regardless of what job you have, your body is introduced to repetitive action and stress. If you look at the details, your body is in need of professional therapy, just as much as a professional athlete.  Athletes work in an environment where the benefits of massage therapy are well known.  Plus, the stakes might be much higher, if an athlete doesn’t take great care of his/her body, an entire team may suffer. A pro athlete’s performance is tracked and measured by millions.


Is it likely that a non-athlete can suffer the same way a pro athlete does, proportionately so, if they neglect their body. Tension and stress can build up and lead to a compromised immune system which can lead to sickness and even disease. Are there office workers who abuse their bodies with ten hour work days, a lack of proper diet and nutrition, and no professional massage therapy to assist with overall well-being?

What are the results of not adding massage therapy to your routine ?  There are plenty of people who take their stress out on friends and family members, which may lead to a viscous cycle of more stress. There are those who indulge in a vice such as drug or alcohol abuse, gambling, overspending or other escapist habits in an attempt to relieve stress.  Maybe these consequences are the reason that there are so many massage therapy chains popping up, and why massage is moving into the mainstream. Maybe people are starting to realize how important massage therapy is.

Perhaps professional massage therapy is needed as much as routine grooming. It’s not always easy to realize the fact that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Those who already experience massage therapy on a frequent basis truly appreciate the wisdom of their actions.  Many pro athletes are fortunate enough to be introduced to the benefits.

Is now the time to make professional massage therapy part of your routine?  Try it out, see if it works for you.


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