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Massage South Tampa

We hear it all the time, “exercise is an important component of a healthy lifestyle.” It’s a lot easier to say than do. Luckily, warm springtime weather inspires many to dust off their bicycles and go for a ride, or to restart an abandoned running or walking routine.


Massage South Tampa

Professional Treatment at The Massage Center – South Tampa

Unfortunately, becoming active after a sedentary winter can result in extremely sore and perhaps injured muscles. The “Athletic Choice” massage treatment at The Massage Center – South Tampa can help. This full body massage can ease that pain and discomfort! Athletes from beginner to professional level can benefit from this professional treatment.


Professional athletes often use massage as a means of assisting their muscles to heal from vigorous workouts. Those who are new to exercise, or are trying to reincorporate an exercise routine can also benefit from this full body massage.


Sports massage therapy is the modality used during the treatment, and it involves a massage therapist targeting muscle and tendons that might have become stiff and sore, resulting from an elevated level of activity. The massage therapist will focus upon areas of the body that a client has stressed, overextended, feels pain or discomfort.


Results of the “Athletic Choice” treatment include eased pain, greater flexibility, and improvements in the body’s readiness for the next workout. Those who live an active life, from casual joggers to professional athletes, particularly enjoy this treatment.


Although exercise is good for the body, it also has some uncomfortable results. When a person works out, the body goes through three stages. First, there is a tearing down phase, where the body is pushed beyond the physical limits it is has grown accustom to. The body quickly feels stiffness, soreness, and decreased mobility during the tearing down phase.


The second phase is the recovery period, when the body begins rebuilding muscle tissue. This is the phase where the body adapts to its latest physical demands. A massage therapist can help ease the body’s transition through this stage, which result in both mental and physical benefits.


Improved blood flow and increased tissue elasticity are two immediate results that clients enjoy as a result of the “Athletic Choice” massage.  Those who have experienced this treatment first hand speak highly of the benefits.  Many clients boast of feeling “lighter” after their stiff and sore muscles have been stretched and kneaded by the work of an experienced massage therapist.


Other physical benefits include an efficient clearing of harmful metabolic byproducts, and an improved ability to absorb nutrients. The emotional benefits include feelings of invigoration and rejuvenation. Increased awareness of the mind-body connection may be another helpful benefit that allows athletes to have more confidence in their capabilities.


To schedule an appointment to receive the “Athletic Choice” treatment, or one of the other thirteen unique treatments, contact The Massage Center – South Tampa at (813) 644-4294.

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