Massage Fort Walton Beach

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80 Miracle Strip Pkwy SE
Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548

(Inside Marina Bay Resort)

License MM28658
(850) 862-2562
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Do you work in Fort Waton Beach at a job that requires standing or walking all throughout the day? Are you experiencing pain as a result of uncomfortable shoes? Has your exercise routine been hard on your feet? The Massage Center – Fort Walton Beach offers a direct solution to your problem. The “Foot Frenzy” treatment helps to deliver immediate relief to the feet, ankles and calves.The center offers fourteen different professional massage therapy treatments that may help to reduce stress and improve overall health. Each treatment involves a full body massage with extra attention on specific areas.

The Massage Center – Fort Walton Beach provides local clients with plenty of options when it comes to massage therapy treatments. Reflexology is the modality which focuses extra attention on a person’s hands and feet. China claims home to the ancient art. The technique of the treatment involves gentle touch used to stimulate pressure sensors located in specific parts of the body. This treatment’s purpose is to encourage the whole body to relax, improve circulation, or to exercise the nervous system where needed. One of the most important side effects of the treatment is the reactionary process of the body which leads to healing itself.


There are a plethora of benefits that come from the “Foot Frenzy” treatment, many of which clients notice right away. The soothing touch used during reflexology can make the body feel deeply relaxed and peaceful, as if waking from a very long and restful sleep.

Pain reduction is another tremendous benefit of the treatment. Humans have over 7,000 nerve endings in the feet. These nerves are connected to every single corner and crevasse of the body through the central nervous system. Reflexology taps these connections, and works to remove tension and stress which can help to reduce pain.

Taking an aspirin or other medications for pain relief is the first solution of choice for most of America. Natural treatments, such as reflexology and massage therapy, are becoming very popular alternatives to promote healing and reduce discomfort.

Foot Massage Fort Walton Beach, FL

Foot massage treatment known as the Foot Frenzy

The “Foot Frenzy” treatment focuses on the feet, but entails a full body massage. The licensed massage therapists can relieve pressure, promote circulation, and help the body to relax. Ticklish or not, people get a kick out of this experience!

Among the many locations for this growing massage chain, The Massage Center- Fort Walton Beach is helping to expand the service offerings of the industry. Ron Dibble, the center’s manager, is a licensed massage therapist with over fifteen years of experience. Both male and female therapists are available to provide treatments.

Every location of The Massage Center is independently owned and operated. Prices for treatments can vary from one center to the next. Want to learn how to convert your massage establishment into The Massage Center? Considering investing in a new center for your area? Visit www.freemassagecenter/licensing for details.

The experienced, licensed massage therapists at each center can help reduce pain and increase relaxation. The Massage Center – Fort Walton Beach is located inside The Marina Bay Resort, at 80 Miracle Strip Pkwy SE, Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548.  License MM28658.  The center can be reached at (850) 226-5420.


Seeking a massage in Fort Walton Beach, but our facility is not close enough? Visit Google and type in massage fort walton beach, fl  then view the map to the right. If we don’t have a facility close to home, someone will!