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The Massage Center – Carrollwood

We live in a busy world. At any given moment, there are numerous tasks that demand our attention and deplete our energy level. Wouldn’t it be nice to take some time to slow down and give your body the opportunity to recharge and feel better? “Relaxing Reiki” might be your solution. This full body massage treatment is one of the fourteen different massage therapy modalities offered at the newest location of The Massage Center in Carrollwood, FL. This particular massage is an excellent choice for those who feel overworked or might be experiencing a lack of energy.


Reiki is a professional massage therapy modality that originated in Japan and that has been performed for thousands of years. The technique is used to reduce stress, increase relaxation, and promote healing. Energy is a force that naturally flows through the body and keeps us alive.

This unseen force is very important to pay attention to in order to stay healthy. When this energy is too low, there is the potential that a person may feel sick or could become overly stressed. High “life force” energy is ideal because it increases an individual’s ability to feel happy and to remain in good health.

The Massage Center – Carrollwood combines a traditional full body massage with the experience of a level two Reiki provider, and the result is the “Relaxing Reiki” treatment. Typically, a massage would involve the kneading of muscles or the manipulation of tissues. Instead, the massage therapist will lay his or her hands gently upon specific locations on the body that line up with one of the seven chakras. Often, the head chakra is the starting point. From there, each of the remaining six can be focused on, if needed. Clients may feel different sensations as the treatment is administered. Some notice a nice feeling of warmth or an energizing tingling. Others remark that they feel a spiritual and physical form of relaxation, or a restored sense of balance. Either way, the experience is a positive one!

Reiki Massage Carrollwood

Relaxing Reiki Massage Carrollwood

According to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Reiki is safe and benefits the body without serious side effects. This is not a feature that not all forms of healing can claim. Benefits of the treatment include deep relaxation and a release of both physical and mental stress and tension.

Acceleration of the body’s natural ability to heal is another benefit. Pain relief from tense muscles, injury, or health conditions such as fibromyalgia can be found through the “Relaxing Reiki” technique as well. Other benefits include the removal of toxins from the body, a bolstered immune system, and an overall feeling of happiness and well-being.

The Massage Center – Carrollwood is the newest location of this growing massage chain. Therapists here are skilled at helping clients regain their energy and reduce stress through any of the fourteen unique massage treatments the center offers.

Each facility of The Massage Center is completely independently owned and operated. Various prices for treatments may differ from one location to the next. Those Interested in learning how to convert a massage establishment into The Massage Center can visit www.freemassagecenter/licensing. Investors looking to create a location of The Massage Center in their location are urged to email

The experienced and licensed massage therapists at each center can help with pain reduction, improved relaxation, and a long list of health benefits. The Massage Center – Carrollwood is located at  3311 West Waters, Tampa, FL 33615. License #: MM0008423. The center can be reached at (813) 215-5050, ask for center manager Anna Allen, LMT (MA 0023890).


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