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6885 SW 18th Street, Suite B2-3
Boca Raton, FL 33433

License MM29866
(561) 620-6007
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You love living in Boca Raton but are stressed out about the boost in traffic during the winter weeks. Maybe you just need a little “you time.” It just might be time to visit The Massage Center – Boca Raton for a rejuvenating and relaxing massage treatment. The visit is sure to give your friends another reason to ask about your day.

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The Massage Center
Boca Raton

The Massage Center – Boca Raton offers fourteen unique treatments to choose from. Licensed massage therapists can deliver the “Foot Frenzy” treatment which offers a full body massage with extra attention on the feet. There is also the “Cranium Euphoria” that provides extra attention on the scalp, face and neck. Regardless of which of the fourteen treatments you select, you are bound to enjoy your visit to the center.

Although massage therapy has finally hit the mainstream of The United States, it’s evolution over the past 3000 years has been slow and steady. Massage as a therapeutic modality has been performed for centuries, but usually only for the elite. In ancient Rome, Julius Caesar received a daily massage, while many of Rome’s leaders treated themselves to a weekly or monthly visit.

Throughout history, typically only one percent of a population’s elite would partake in a frequent therapeutic massage treatment. Today between ten and fifteen percent of a modernized society might experience massage therapy on a consistent basis, to reduce stress and improve overall health.


Research has shown that massage therapy helps to increase the amount of oxygen in the blood, flushes toxins, improves overall circulation, and enhances flexibility. The medical benefits have been studied for years, but it doesn’t take a research study to realize that massage therapy makes the body feel better.

To schedule a treatment at The Massage Center – Boca Raton call (561) 853-0042. The facility is located on a beautiful pond inside the Alternatives For Healthcare suite. For information about the fourteen treatments offered visit

The Massage Center – Boca Raton 
6885 SW 18th ST, Suite B-2
Boca Raton, FL 33433


Looking for a massage but our location is not close to home? Visit Google and type in massage boca raton then view the map to the right. If you don’t find a location close by, visit our locations page.