Benefits of Massage

Reduce stress, improve circulation, increase range of motion…the physical benefits of receiving a professional massage therapy treatment are obvious, but just like many things in life, if it’s not on the schedule it might never happen. We are here to help make relaxation happen! With fourteen different treatments, the most stressful part of visiting The Massage Center is deciding which treatment to enjoy.



Benefits of Professional Massage Therapy

  • Relieve stress
  • Control pain
  • Soothe muscles and tendons
  • Increase range of motion & flexibility
  • Improve overall mental & physical health
  • Promote consistent personal relaxation

Benefits of a Membership at The Massage Center

Free Massages For A Lifetime.
Help to promote The Massage Center and your efforts will be rewarded. When someone you refer becomes a member, you’ll receive a FREE massage session. Post our brochures at your place of business, where you work out, or wherever you can and potentially receive FREE massages for lifetime, as the referrals may keep pouring in – depending of course on the type of business you are in and the number of referrals you generate.

Family Plans
Want to share good health with your family? With your Massage Center membership immediate family members can share their professional massages.
Guest Passes
Invite friends to experience The Massage Center-at the guest massage rate. As a member, you are welcome to offer as many guest passes as you like. Your guests, however, can only indulge in one discounted massage per person before they are asked to become a member and continue the savings.

All unused 1-hour membership massage sessions will rollover (accumulate) from month-to-month. Members are welcome to split these massages in order to reserve 30-minute or 1 ½-hour massage sessions.

Members are welcome to share one membership massage per month with a friend or family member, and simply pay a share fee of only $10 per massage.

Throw a Massage Center party and invite your near and dear friends. Those who attend but are not members will still receive the member rate.

Professional Stress Relief
If you are one who can benefit from a specific time and place to unwind, we can help. The more professional massages you schedule, the healthier your mind and body feel. Lowering physical and mental stress takes effort and action. Stress will not just disappear on its own.

Summary of Benefits

  • One free customized massage every month
  • Additional massages at the members rate
  • Unused massages rollover
  • Earn free massages by referring others
  • Help friends and family members to save on massages
  • Throw massage parties and all non-members receive member rates

What Is The Price For Good Health?

Free Massage – Membership Program: Sign up now and receive your second massage absolutely free, with no enrollment fees!

Membership Price: $0 enrollment fee, pay for one massage per month and receive the member rate. Member rates vary based on location. Please see the LOCATIONS page for contact information. .

Non members pay a higher rate per massage.
For additional information refer to the The Massage Center Membership Terms and Conditions.