Swedish Massage Benefits & Origins

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My Vacation Massage Tampa

We hear a lot of questions about our My Vacation treatment, which is a version of  the Swedish massage. To help provide a few details about this popular full body massage treatment, we have a few ideas to share.

A Swedish massage is the most well-known type of massage in the world. The treatment is called such because it was a technique developed by Pehr Henrik Ling, who was a Swedish physiologist. He developed the technique at the University of Stockholm in 1858. Ling originally created a system called Medical Gymnastics modeled after movements used by massage therapists. In Europe, this technique became known as Swedish movements and when it came to the United States, the technique became known as the Swedish Movement Cure.

Today, the technique is known as a Swedish massage and is the most commonly used method of massage in the world. The methods have evolved into various types of massage modalities that are used throughout the world today.

There are various working parts within a Swedish massage. What should you expect when receiving a treatment? When you arrive, you will lay face down on a padded massage table and the massage therapist will apply a generous amount of massage oil to the skin. The second step in the process is for the massage therapist to stroke the skin in various ways in order to warm up the tissues of the muscle. This also breaks down the knots found within the muscles. One thing to note is that you should notify the massage therapist of any pain or conditions you may have. This will prevent further injury to the body.

As the client receiving the massage, it is also your prerogative to inform the massage therapist of which type of pressure you prefer, firm or light. Professional massage therapists go through rigorous training in order to perfect the art of the Swedish massage. Their training provides you with the highest level of comfort, relaxation, and benefit during your full body treatment.

Benefits of Swedish Massage Tampa

The benefits of Swedish massages are numerous and work in various ways, depending on which techniques are used. Essentially, the treatment affects every system of the body. This includes the lymph system, connective tissues, muscles, and nerves. When a massage therapist delivers a Swedish massage, they are directly working to massage blood flow toward the heart, which greatly increases circulation throughout the entire body.

One of the greatest benefits of a Swedish massage is how it affects the lymphatic system. This system is directly responsible for cleaning the body of toxins, bacteria, and viruses. When you receive a Swedish massage, the massage helps the lymph system regenerate and flush itself.

The treatment also helps to drain unneeded fluids from the muscles, such as lactic acid, which promotes overall health of the body. It is important for the recipient of the massage to drink plenty of water, which provides the body with the tools needed to flush unwanted cellular and tissue waste.

Swedish massages also help with relaxation and muscle tension in the body. One of the reasons many people choose to partake in a Swedish massage during a vacation is to achieve the highest level of relaxation possible during their time off.

We can thank Pehr Henrik Ling for his development of the Swedish massage all those years ago. The Swedish massage is the most common albeit most effective method applied by massage therapists today. The Swedish massage affects various parts of the body’s systems and promotes overall health and relaxation in a person.