Shiatsu Massage Tampa

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Shiatsu Massage Tampa


It is often believed that the benefits of massage therapy exceed physical comfort and the alleviation of pain. For centuries, massage therapy has been used for spiritual rehabilitation: improving “energy flow,” achieving harmony, and even establishing a connection with the spiritual world. Such concepts might have lost currency in today’s world, but the idea of inner peace certainly has not. As we are bombarded with more distractions and as our lives become increasingly burdened by the chaos of the outside world, perhaps a return to mental and “spiritual” balance might not seem outdated and might even be significantly beneficial.

The Japanese massage therapy known as shiatsu comes from a long tradition of spiritual healing. Shiatsu is a common procedure in Japanese alternative medicine, which has its roots in two areas: Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), a body of varied holistic healing methods aimed to achieve spiritual balance and improved circulation of the body’s life force energy qi (or chi) along pathways known as meridians, and acupressure, a similarly holistic healing method developed in Tibet that manipulates the body’s many “pressure points” or “acupoints” to achieve relief. Literally translated as “finger pressure,” shiatsu involves the application of rhythmic pressure with the fingers, knuckles, elbows, and palms to specific pressure points along the body. This application of pressure strives to stabilize the mind and to improve the circulation of energy. As with most forms of holistic medicine, in shiatsu there is an emphasis on the notion of balance, both physical and spiritual.

Benefits of Shiatsu Massage


 Not surprisingly, shiatsu has been claimed to alleviate the following symptoms that prevent a person’s physical and mental harmony:

  • headaches
  • neck, shoulder, and back pain
  • insomnia
  • anxiety and depression
  • digestive disorders
  • rheumatism and arthritis
  • weakness and fatigue
  • sciatica (a common cause of leg and lower back pain)
  • pain from sprains and other injuries

Whether or not scientific studies validate these claims, it remains true that shiatsu is merely one aspect of a holistic approach to health; often, clients are not seeking shiatsu treatments merely for their physical benefits but are embracing a more conscientious and “spiritual” lifestyle that includes much more than receiving massages. Specialized diet and exercise are commonly wedded to holistic body treatments like shiatsu or acupressure. Nevertheless, a shiatsu massage alone has the potential to reduce pain and stress like any other massage treatment.

Newcomers to massage therapy are often intimidated or embarrassed by the prospect of removing their clothing. Perhaps the best part about a shiatsu massage for these individuals is that it doesn’t require the patient to remove his/her clothes. In most cases the client sits in a special chair for the shiatsu treatment. Other times the shiatsu massage is performed on a person lying on a mat or table. The Massage Center offers its own version of the shiatsu treatment, appropriately named “Keep Your Clothes On.” If you are looking for a massage treatment that goes beyond physical relief and draws from a long tradition of maintaining physical and mental unity, and if you prefer to keep your clothes on, then the shiatsu massage may just be the right treatment for you.

Dan Abella
Content Writer
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