Pregnancy Massage in Tampa Offers Benefits to Expecting Women

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Pregnancy Massage

The service referred to as the Baby on Board treatment at The Massage Center headquartered in Tampa, is a modality of professional massage therapy with a rich history. This modality was used by ancient Greeks who believed that massage would link the body, mind, and soul. Although other cultures have adopted the treatment, it only became a mainstream practice in the United States in the 1980’s.

As the act of delivering a pregnancy massage has grown in popularity, it has inspired the development of comprehensive classes on how to care for the expectant mother and child. Two pregnancy massage therapists, Carole Osborne-Sheets and Dr. Tiffany Fields are credited for establishing standards for the pregnancy massage. This was completed at the Touch Research Institute located within the University of Miami.

Pregnancy massage treatments at The Massage Center in Tampa, and at locations through out the state, are conducted by professional licensed massage therapists who are trained and licensed. The therapists receive may receive special certification to conduct the treatment, although certification is not required, as long as the therapist is licensed. A pregnancy massage is simply a Swedish massage performed in a way that will accommodate the pregnant woman’s growing body.


Stress and tension on the body can be unbearably brutal during a pregnancy. Receiving a pregnancy massage from a highly trained therapist can help to deliver relief. An expecting woman should also consult her physician before attempting to undergo a pregnancy massage.

The benefits attributed to a pregnancy massage are numerous. Many women seek the treatment to promote overall health and wellness both for the woman and the baby. Studies have shown that a pregnancy massage can reduce anxiety. The treatment can also reduce symptoms of depression. Many women seek massage therapy after the baby is born, to address the symptoms of postpartum depression.

Pregnancy massage treatments are also known to relieve muscle tension and joint pain which immediately results in an easier pregnancy. This can reduce the production of stress hormones which in turn can lead to a healthier baby at birth. The pregnancy massage can also relieve the discomforts associated with fluctuating hormones levels during the pregnancy. Hormones can not only affect the body’s basic functions, but also cause changes in the skeletal structure and blood circulation of the pregnant woman.

Some of the most important benefits associated with pregnancy massage include a reduction in back pain caused from the added weight. An expecting mother can also expect improved blood circulation throughout the entire body, edema reduction, less frequent headaches and muscle spasms, reduced anxiety, a reduction in stress, improved oxygen flow to the muscles and tendons, and last but not least, better sleep.

Although massage therapy might not be for every pregnant woman, it is definitely a viable option for those looking to make the pregnancy slightly easier. The treatment also promotes overall health and wellness of the mother and child. It is recommended that the pregnant women seek approval from her physician before receiving massage therapy.

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