Locals Enjoy Spring Break with Massage in Tampa FL

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My Vacation Massage in Tampa FL

Spring break is just around the corner. Warm weather tends to inspire thoughts of taking a nice, long vacation. Unfortunately, not everyone is in a situation that allows time off. Don’t give up hope! Instead of making travel arrangements, a less stressful option is the “My Vacation” full body massage in Tampa FL.

The treatment is just one of the fourteen unique and relaxing massage modalities the center has to offer. Employers might be resistant to the idea of having staff members take a few unplanned days off right now, but scheduling a last minute massage can work with anyone’s busy schedule.

Plus, the center offers mobile massage which can be performed at work, home or hotel. Those who live on the beach, or stay at a hotel on the beach are welcome to enjoy their professional massage therapy treatment there as well.

The “My Vacation” treatment includes a full body massage that uses the techniques of a Swedish Massage. While you are at work or daydreaming about enjoying a massage in Tampa FL, this treatment is the type that you are probably picturing. Few people realize that this modality was first created in the 19th century and involves a systematic process, often times incorporating five specific kinds of flowing strokes.

Effleurage is the name of the sliding or gliding stroke that can be used to cover larger areas of the body. Long sweeping strokes alternate between firm and light pressure and can be delivered with either the palm or with only the fingertips. This stroke helps address muscle knots, and helps to release overall tension from the body. Petrissage is the term used to describe the process that most would identify as a thorough kneading of the muscles. Unlike efflurage, the massage therapist will use his or her thumbs or knuckles to perform this technique.

The next stroke that might be applied to the client is a step called tapotement, also known as rhythmic tapping. As the name implies, the sides of the hands are used in a rhythmic pattern in order to loosen and relax the muscles.

Friction may be the next part of the process. Palms of the hand are used to vigorously massage the skin in order to produce heat, preparing the body for deeper massage strokes. Finally, vibration might be used to thoroughly loosen up the muscles. Fingertips or perhaps the heel of the hand will be used to shake up the muscles for the purpose of initiating relaxation.

Each of these five types of flowing strokes might be used in various ways to meet the individual needs of a client. More time may be spent during one particular stage of the process, depending on the needs of the client being treated. When combined, the various strokes help to systematiclly ease the body into a state of rest.

Benefits of Massage in Tampa FL

Swedish massage provides a plethora of wonderful benefits. Many recipients of the treatment remark about how relaxed they are following the “My Vacation” treatment. Pain relief from injury or from chronic pain conditions, such as arthritis, may be an additional benefit. Not only does this modality loosen muscles, it can also help to eliminate toxins and reduce mental stress as well.

Increased circulation is another excellent benefit as it helps to bring nourishment to needed areas, and assists in the drainage of metabolic waste at the cellular level. Strokes in a Swedish massage are traditionally preformed towards the heart, which may be helpful for improving circulation. Those who receive this treatment are likely to return for mutliple visits

The massage therapists at The Massage Center – Tampa are experienced, licensed, and ready to perform any of the fourteen massage treatments. Each of the full body treatments can be enjoyed either at your work, home, hotel, or at their facility located at 400 E Palm Ave, Tampa, FL 33602. Call to reserve your next massage: 813-434-4930.

Each location of The Massage Center is independently owned and operated. Please be aware that prices may vary from one center to another. Information about how to convert your massage establishment into The Massage Center, or how to invest in a center located near you can be found at www.freemassagecenter/licensing.