Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage

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Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Professional massage therapy is so more than a luxurious way to relax and pamper one’s self.   It can also help the body to heal, re-energize, and to detoxify.  Those who are feeling lethargic might benefit from the “MLD” massage. This treatment is a full body massage, Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage offered at The Massage Center – Tampa.

So what is Manual Lymphatic Drainage?  It helps to first discuss a bit about the lymphatic system, which consists of lymph fluid, a system of vessels and nodes. Very few people realize that the lymphatic system is just as important to the body as the circulatory system.  A properly functioning lymphatic system is crucial for keeping the body clean on the inside.

The lymphatic system uses fluid to absorb foreign macromolecules, microorganisms, toxins, waste products and unwanted substances.  This lymphatic fluid is pumped through the regional lymph nodes, where it is then filtered and purified.

During the Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage treatment, soft touch is used to reduce lymph node swelling and to help move the lymphatic fluid through the body. Ideally, lymphatic fluid circulates throughout the lymphatic system without interruption.  Several factors however can cause the flow to stagnate.

A number of health conditions and diseases can cause swelling and chronic inflammation of the entire lymphatic system.  To address this condition, a massage therapist will apply a specific degree of pressure to designated areas of the body. This helps stimulate lymphatic fluid flow, and can enable drainage of the lymphatic system.

Receiving a lymphatic drainage treatment can also help with musculoskeletal conditions such as sprains, strains, and even chronic pain.  Pre-surgery preparation and post-surgical recovery are other situations in which the MLD massage may be useful.  Doctors often encourage patients who have lymphedema to receive manual lymphatic massage along with traditional forms of treatment.

What To Expect

During the Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage treatment, a specially trained and experienced massage therapist will use soft, gentle, strokes which are applied in a specific direction. The fluid is moved towards the lymph nodes. Toxins are then excreted through the urinary system.  Each treatment is customized toward the client’s specific needs.

Clients who have received the treatment have described this massage as “calming and relaxing.”  Other benefits include a boost to immune function and the body’s ability to encourage its own healing process.  Swelling and puffiness in the face can also be reduced as a result of receiving the MLD treatment.

Residents of Tampa can experience the “MLD” massage, or any of the 13 other massage treatments available at The Massage Center. The facility offers eight therapists, six treatment rooms, yoga and acupuncture. The center is conveniently located minutes from downtown, at 400 E. Palm Ave, Tampa, FL 33602. License #MM22419. Call (813) 434-4930 to arrange an appointment or a tour.

Each location of The Massage Center is independently owned and operated.  Pricing can vary from one location to another.  If you would like to learn about how to convert a massage establishment into The Massage Center, or are interested in investing in a center near you, visit www.freemassagecenter/licensing/ .