What to Expect During a Hot Stone Massage

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Hot Stone Massage Tampa

What You Should Expect During a Hot Stone Massage
The Hot Rock and Roll massage treatment at The Massage Center is sometimes known as a hot stone massage because it consists of a professional massage therapist using heated stones or basal salts to massage a client’s body. The massage therapist will first heat the stones that are of many sizes and shapes, in order to prepare for the session. Some therapists use an extra safe method in which the stones do not directly come into contact with the recipient’s skin. Instead, these stones are placed on a towel in order to buffer the heat.
The types of stones that are used in this modality of massage are usually either basalt or river rocks, both of which are able to retain heat quite well. The stones may be placed onto different points of the body, such as chakras, energy points, or even sore muscles, depending on what style of hot stone massage the client prefers. Many therapists prefer to massage the client with the stones and oil, and then gently place the stones upon the back, abdomen, legs, or even in the massage recipient’s hands.
While these strategically placed stones are working to warm specific areas of the body, the massage therapist might repeat the process with a new batch of stones. The heat from the new batch will sink deep into the muscles, making the massage an extravagant one! When the therapist gently massages the muscles, the client immediately feels extremely relaxed and will undoubtedly enjoy every stroke of the massage.

Why you should choose our Hot Rock & Roll treatment

Most people believe that one stroke that is given with the heated stones is equal to ten non-heated massage strokes. Some therapists might even incorporate the use of cold stones, such as marble, into the treatment so the client does not feel too hot. Usually the hot stone massage will take around sixty to ninety minutes depending on how much time the client requests.
Most individuals who receive the hot stone massage usually fall in love with the relaxation that they receive from it. There are even some clients that tend to fall asleep and have vivid dreams during the treatment. The reason for the induced sleep session is because this massage is extra relaxing.
Another benefit is that the increased circulation from the heat offers the body a wonderful healing experience. When the massage therapist gently works deep into your muscle and connective tissues, they can help to reduce pain and dramatically increase blood flow. This brings water and nutrients to the cells and results in a feeling of euphoria and invigoration.
The hot stone massage can be quite a beneficial treatment for several reasons. The treatment will provide relaxation to your tissues and improve overall health by removing the metabolic wastes that have been present in and around your cells. If you are experiencing aches or pains in your muscles or joints, or just need to alleviate some stress, then a hot stone massage is perfect for you!