Hot Stone Massage Tampa Keeps You Warm During Cold Days

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Hot Stone Massage Tampa FL

As cold air dips into Florida, residents of Tampa seek out The Massage Center for a taste of heat therapy. What could be better than warmth and relaxation on a cold day?  Some will seek relief from the winter in a hot cup of tea or coffee.  Another, more luxurious option is the “Hot Rock & Roll” massage therapy treatment.  Warm oil and hot rocks are applied while stress rolls right off the massage table.  Massage Tampa has a total of fourteen unique treatments but the hot stone treatment is perfect for chilly days.

Hot rock massage in Tampa has long been a form of thermo-therapy.  Smooth surfaced, flat, “river stones” are used to bring an increase in circulation to the skin, connective tissues and muscles.  Basalt rocks are commonly selected because of their high iron content which helps to absorb and retain heat.

Tallahassee residents are treated with more than just hot stones when requesting this particular therapy. Before the session begins, the stones are sterilized with sanitizing water. Each hot rock is used in combination with massage oil to gently warm and relax the body during a full body massage treatment. The stones naturally cool down during the massaging process. As they cool, the stones are individually placed upon key points all over the body.

History and Benefits of Hot Stone Massage Tampa

This natural technique has been practiced for thousands of years, and offers recreational as well as therapeutic benefits.  Heat immediately increases circulation, bringing fresh blood along with nutrients to wherever the heat is applied. The nervous system reacts favorably to the heat as well.

Muscles react to the heat by releasing tension and allowing blood flow. The physical relaxation realized from the treatment can offer mental and emotional benefits. Pain relief from stiff joints or muscles, can also benefit the mind and body, as pain is a leading cause of depression.

Poor circulation in specific areas of the body may be improved by resting hot stones onto specific trigger points.  Increased circulation delivers a strong supply of oxygen to the muscles, which can flush out toxins and alleviate aches and fatigue.  Many clients of The Massage Center feel that their mental tension is released along with body stress.

Massage therapy once was considered to be a luxury that only the very wealthy could afford.  Today, it is recognized as preventative healthcare that encourages the body to heal, relax, and feel better.  Massage Tampa offers a very diverse service offering, with fourteen very different treatments.  Clients are urged to select a massage therapy that is right for them.


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