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Deep Tissue Massage in Tampa

The deep tissue massage, known at The Massage Center as the Melt My Muscles, has long been a popular full body massage treatment for Tampa residents. The therapy’s origin dates back centuries, and it continues to hold its popularity as a reliable method for relaxing the muscles. Wealthy ancient Egyptians and Greeks were known for indulging in deep tissue massage therapy. The methodology was developed in order to loosen muscle tension and focus on the deepest layers of muscle mass.

These days there are many variations of the deep tissue massage. The modern day technique is more scientific than that used by ancient cultures, and was developed by a Canadian doctor named Therese Phimmer. Phimmer developed a protocol for the massage, in order to control chronic pain and also treat soft tissue injuries.

The modern day techniques involved with deep tissue massage are a combination of friction and pressure that is applied using the fingers, hands, and elbows. The treatment provides a greater range of motion and improved circulation. The technique is well known for relieving pain and muscle spasms that are related to injuries.

Tampa Popular place for Deep Tissue Massage

The chair deep tissue massage is very popular in business environments. It offers a busy Tampa, Florida workforce the chance to experience the techniques in a limited manner. The treatment is applied to the neck, back and arms for around fifteen minutes.

The deep tissue spa massage is a much more extensive treatment than that of a simple chair massage. This requires the recipient to remove the majority of their clothing. A sheet is used to cover the body from the neck down. The recipient will lay on a padded massage table where the therapist will deliver the treatment using essential oils.

The specific oils used during a spa treatment tend to help facilitate relaxation, as well is assist the movement of the therapist’s hands over the body.  The treatment might be a bit uncomfortable while knots and tension are massaged from the muscles. The end result however is usually invigorating and recipients of the treatment boast of feeling calm, relaxed and refreshed.

When receiving a deep tissue massage, the recipient should attempt to stay calm and relaxed during the procedure. This can be challenging if the therapist is working on muscle knots or injuries. The purpose of this treatment is to work on challenged areas that need help releasing tension.

Spa treatments throughout Tampa tend to assist with relaxation, as many times the essential oils used naturally promote relaxation. Many recipients of a deep tissue massage have been known to fall asleep during the treatment.